What is the best chain for Supermoto?

What is the best chain for Supermoto?

You can use just about any chain. One problem you will run into. A wider chain like an o-ring or X-ring chain may rub the tire. There are many chains out there with different size plates. The less expensive chains usually are a bit larger chains. They use larger plates and pins. A more expensive chain will use better quality metal so they can use less material and maintain higher tensile strength.

O-ring or non O-ring?

We use a non O-ring chain. Most Supermoto bikes are ridden on the street. There is no need for an O-ring chain to keep the sand and dirt out of the rollers. The O-ring chain does keep dirt out and helps keep your lube in the rollers. But the O-rings add to the overall size of the chain. Although they do last longer. The o-rings making them too wide and may rub your tire. It is the same for X-ring chains. The X-ring chain is a better design than the o-ring. It also will have the same problems for Supermoto as the standard o-ring just on a smaller scale.

How do I know if a chain is going to work for me or not?

As any chain will most likely work for you. You do not want to use a cheap chain on your supermoto bike. When you use a cheap chain on your dirt wheels the tire will slip in the dirt. Giving you a little wheel spin. On the pavement unless you are doing a burnout your tire does not get much tire spin. So the force from your motor to turn your wheel is going to put more pressure on your chain. You are going to want a chain with a high tensile strength. Meaning a stronger chain. You do not want a cheap chain to stretch or even break before you get a chance to enjoy you new SM wheels. All the chains we list in our chain options are narrow and have a high tensile strength. We have a list below to show size, weight and the strength on a lot of popular chains.

Brand Pin Width Weigh Tensile Strength
DID ERT2 17.5mm 3lbs 11oz 8100lbs
Renthal R1 Works 17.9mm 3lbs 14.8oz 7644lbs
Pro Taper520MX 17.58mm 3bls 11oz 8800lbs
Fly 520MX 8063lbs
Sunstar 520MXR1 17.8mm 3lbs 10oz 9000lbs
EK 520SM 3D 18.6mm 3lbs 14.6oz 8900lbs
EK RXO X-ring 20.5mm 4lbs 4oz 9300lbs
DID VT2 T-ring 18.6mm 3lbs 15.4oz 8440lbs