Changing wheel size on a KTM Computer

Changing wheel size on a KTM Computer

Computer Recalibrating for OEM KTM Computers

2015-Current KTM 200-500EXC models (includes six days and rally replica) OEM # 7714069200

1. Unplug Red/Brown/Black connector
2. Press and hold the “+” button for 2-3 seconds to bring up the MENU
3. Press “+” button to go to wheel size (pressing the + increase wheel size and – decreases wheel size)
4. Select “1882” for 17? front wheel, once you get to this setting just stop to save this size

Do not press any buttons for 20 seconds, roll bike or wheel. You don’t want to send an impulse to the computer, if you do:

1. Let tach/speedo time out (screen goes dark)
2. Plug connector back together
3. Roll bike or spin wheel to confirm wheel size

If you want to convert back to your 21? wheel follow same procedure but select “2250” in step #4 above for OEM 21? wheel.
2005-2014 KTM 200-625 EXC / XC-W / XCF-W / SXC models OEM # 54814069000

1. Remove rubber strap holding headlight to the forks
2. Locate the 3 pin connector coming out of the speedo and UNPLUG it, leave the 2 pin connected
3. Roll bike / wheel to wake up the speedo (make sure your wheel has a magnet in place to trip the speedo sensor)
4. Press and hold the “o” button on the right until the screen changes and you are able to select different functions on the top and bottom of the readout. (Press the “o” button to switch from function to function [i.e. A1, S1, WS])
5. Select the “WS” option and use the “+” and “-” buttons on the left hand side to change the overall wheel size. The stock number should be around 2250, and the 17 inch wheel works out to 1882mm. Continue to press the “-” button until the size reads 1882
6. Confirm that the WS was changed by letting the speedo go to sleep and then by waking it up. The WS will flash as soon as the speedo lights up, before it goes to its normal readout
7. Plug the 3 pin connector back in, and re-strap the headlight shell, careful not to pinch any cables/wires

NOTE: If you want your speedo to be as accurate as possible you need to get the exact rolling distance of the wheel. This is done by making a mark on the tire and the ground (some people use the valve stem as a reference point). Then rolling the wheel till the same point or reference mark on the tire hits the ground, then mark the ground. Measure the distance between the 2 ground marks. Convert this to millimeters (mm) and that is your actual wheel diameter.