Supermoto Conversion Kit

$1,280.00 $1,099.00

Supermoto Conversion Kit (includes tires)

Complete with wheels, rotors, sprocket and tires mounted and balanced.

Just take out of the box and mount to your bike.

For questions on the options please visit out FAQs page.

  • Comes with 120/70-17 matching front tire. Avon Trailrider may rub on WR250R & CRF250L. We recomend the 150 tire for the 4.25 rim and the 160 for a 5"
  • SM fender is universal. Does not fit some bikes that came stock with a headlight.


Supermoto Conversion Kit (includes tires)

Comes complete with:

  • Warp 9 supermoto front wheel 3.50X17″ rim with tire
  • Oversized 320mm rotor with caliper adapter bracket
  • Warp 9 supermoto rear wheel 4.25 or 5.0X17″ rim with tire
  • Rotor and sprocket

Tires come mounted and balanced!

Stock speedo will work on KTM, WR250R, WR250X, CRF250L.

Speedo drive front hubs are available for WR, CRF, DRZ models.

Some colors may take 1-3 weeks depending on availability. Colors normal to each bike usually ships in 2-4 business days. Colored rims except black may also take 1-3 weeks .

*Some models may require fork guards to be trimmed to fit the SM tires.

*We do not offer the Floating rotor for Kawasaki models.

*The supermoto front fender does not fit some models with a headlight.

*The 5″ rear rim will not fit some models (XR models, KLR650, DR650, CRF250L, WR250R).

*The 5″ rim may rub depending on your bike model and tire choice.

*All wheels include warp 9s lifetime warranty!




Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in


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