Whats the best sprocket size to run for Supermoto?

Whats the best sprocket size to run for Supermoto?

This is one of the most asked questions. There is really no answer as far as one sprocket size that works for everyone. It may take a little riding to figure out how the SM wheels work on your bike and where you ride.

Here are some basics to find the right size for you.

When you swap out your stock dirt wheels for the SM setup you are dropping a few inches in ties sizes. That alone is going to change your gearing. Example – Say your bike ran at 3000 rpms at 60mph. When you swap out to SM wheels with the same size sprocket as your stock wheels. Your rpms would be more like 4000 at 60mph. Your going to loose a little top end speed as well. Below is a list of what has worked for our customers.

44 Tooth – Most common choice. Works great around town and the occasional freeway riding.

40 Tooth – Best for high speeds. If you travel on the freeway for extended periods of time. This will be the best choice. It will keep the rmps down at higher speeds.

42 Tooth – This has been getting more popular. Its good around town but you can still cruise the freeway without over revving your motor.

Stock size – You can also go with your stock sprocket size. This way you will not have to adjust your chain or cut links out to fit a smaller sprocket.

The smaller sprockets will require a new chain or cut your stock chain to fit. We recommend any time you put a new rear sprocket on that you replace your chain and your counter shaft sprocket.

It may take a little riding to figure out the best size for you. These are a guideline to get you going in the right direction.

Keep in mind you may need to cut your chain to run a smaller sprocket. In most cases you can drop 1 tooth size without cutting your chain.