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DRZ400E Supermoto Conversion

DRZ400E Supermoto Conversion

DRZ400E Supermoto Conversion

Our new project bike 2001 DRZ400E. We are converting our E model into a street legal Supermoto. Keep checking back to see what we have done.

What is on the list.

Clean and rebuild carb.

Install new bars, levers, footpegs, exhaust, light kit.

Install new supermoto wheels.

Install trail tech Vapor computer.

Plus much more. If there is something you would like to see put it in the comments. If needed we will post a video on how to do it.


Headlight, tailight, turnsignals, horn, vapor computer and pegs are complete.

Install front Supermoto wheel and caliper bracket.

Install rear wheel with new chain and countershaft sprocket.

We restored the faded factory gas tank.

Yoshimura Exhaust

Here is our final walk around vid of our DRZ400E supermoto conversion.

2 thoughts on “DRZ400E Supermoto Conversion

  1. What lighting kit and head lights did you use. Any way i could get a parts list or find were to buy them i have the same bike im looking to make street legal

    1. Most of the parts we used are listed on our website. The light kit is in the electrical category.

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